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How To Wash Shoes In A Washing Machine

Is your favorite pair of shoes looking a bit worse for wear? You don’t need to put them out to pasture just yet! With the right technique, you can easily restore them to their former glory. But how exactly do you wash shoes in a washing machine?

The answer might surprise you! There are a few simple steps that you can take to get your shoes looking as good as new. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and effectively your shoes can be washed with the help of a washing machine. And the best part? It’s easier than you think!

Let’s explore some tips and tricks on how to make sure your shoes come out sparkling clean, fresh-smelling, and ready for any adventure that comes your way. So if you’re ready to get started on restoring your favorite pair of kicks, read on!

Gather Necessary Cleaning Supplies

Shoemaking a chore? Not anymore! Like a handyman with his toolbox, if you have the necessary cleaning supplies, you can get your shoes squeaky clean in no time.

First things first: gather the needed items. Start by getting a mild detergent and fabric softener. Then, locate a mesh bag or pillowcase. It’s important that your washing machine is able to accommodate the bag so that it can protect your shoes from any damage during the wash cycle. Now you’re ready to get started!

Put your shoes in the mesh bag or pillowcase, and fill it with two towels for extra padding. Then fill up your washing machine with cold water and add the detergent and fabric softener as instructed.Finally, set the washer to its gentle cycle and let the magic happen!

Remove Excess Dirt From Shoes

Once you have your cleaning supplies, it’s time to get rid of the excess dirt on those shoes. To do this, you can use a soft brush or cloth and give them a light brushing. Make sure to pay special attention to the seams and any areas that are heavily soiled. If there are stains present, use your preferred stain remover to treat them before washing. You may even want to spot clean certain areas with a damp cloth.

Now that the dirt is taken care of, you’re ready to move on to the next step in prepping your shoes for the wash. Before throwing them into the machine, it’s important to check for any loose items such as laces or soles and remove them if necessary. Also make sure that there are no objects inside the shoe like rocks or pebbles before beginning. Additionally, when placing shoes in the washer, put them in a mesh bag or pillowcase first so that they don’t damage other clothing.

Washing your shoes doesn’t have to be difficult; just follow these simple steps and your kicks will come out looking good as new! Don’t forget all those extra details like checking for loose items and using a mesh bag – they’ll make all the difference! Now it’s time to prepare your shoes for washing by selecting an appropriate setting on your washing machine.

Prepare Shoes For Washing

Gearing up your footwear for a spin in the washing machine is like putting on a brave face – time to get ready and show off its best! Preparing your shoes for a wash is all about getting rid of any dirt and grime that’s been sitting on them, so they come out looking as good as new.

First thing’s first, you want to make sure you clean off any excess dirt from the surface of the shoes that you can. Get out a brush or an old cloth and give it a good scrubbing before you put them in the machine. You don’t want all that gunk getting stuck in the fibers of your shoes after all!

Next, if you have any laces or removable soles or insoles, take those out before throwing them into the washer. This will help prevent tangles and keep everything running smoothly during the cycle. Additionally, if there are any stains that need tending to, now would be a great time to pre-treat them with your favorite stain remover before putting them in the machine.

With everything prepped and ready to go, it’s time to move onto cleaning up those shoes properly!

Place Shoes In Washing Machine

Let’s get to the crux of the matter: putting your shoes in the washing machine! This is a simple process, but don’t take it lightly – you’ll want to do it right. Think of it as a kind of dance, where you and the washing machine must move in perfect harmony.

First things first: check that your shoes can indeed go in the washing machine. Read the care tag before you make any moves, or else you could end up with an expensive misstep! If they pass muster, then it’s time to prepare them for their spin cycle. Remove any laces or insoles, and if there are any stubborn stains put some detergent directly on them before adding them in.

Now that everything is ready, let’s get this show on the road! Place your shoes gently into the drum of the washer – no need to cram them together like sardines! If necessary, use a laundry bag for extra protection; otherwise just set them free and hit ‘start’. The rest is up to your trusty washing machine – soon enough you’ll have clean shoes dancing out of its door!

Choose Appropriate Settings

Once the shoes have been placed in the washer, it’s time to select the appropriate settings. First, pick a delicate cycle. Depending on the type of shoe, you may want to use cold water, as hot water can damage them. Additionally, make sure the spin speed is low—you don’t want your shoes banging around in there! Finally, check your washing machine’s manual for any additional instructions specific to your model.

Next up is adding detergent and other cleaning agents. For best results, use a mild liquid laundry detergent and set it to a low suds level. This will prevent over-sudsing and ensure that all of the soap gets washed out of your shoes before they come out of the washer. You may also want to add a fabric softener sheet or a few drops of white vinegar to help soften and deodorize your footwear.

Now it’s time to let those shoes get clean! Once you’ve selected all of the settings and put in any additives you chose, turn on the machine and let it do its thing. After all is said and done, you’ll have nice clean shoes ready for another round!

Add Detergent And Other Cleaning Agents

So, you’re all set to go with your washing machine. Now it’s time to add the detergent and other cleaning agents. This part is important as these products are designed to help break down dirt and grime so that the shoes get cleaned properly. You can use a special detergent for delicate materials or a regular laundry detergent for tougher fabrics. Additionally, if you want to take extra care of your shoes, you can also include fabric softener and even some white vinegar in the mix.

Once everything is added, close the lid of the washer and select the appropriate settings for your shoes; most likely ‘gentle cycle’ or ‘delicate’ will be the best option here. Then press start and let it do its work – depending on how dirty your shoes were this could take anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

Afterwards, when the cycle is done, don’t forget to take out the shoes right away and hang them up in a well-ventilated area to dry – never put them in the dryer or dry them under direct sunlight! Following these steps should help ensure that your shoes come out looking as good as new after every wash.

Wash Shoes In Washing Machine

It’s like putting a puzzle together – with each step, the process of cleaning your shoes in a washing machine becomes clearer. Washing shoes in a washing machine is an easy and effective way to keep them looking their best. And with the right preparation, your shoes will come out of the wash sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

First things first: check the care label on your shoes to make sure they’re suitable for washing machine use. Not all materials can handle the harsh environment of a washing machine! Next, you’ll need to select the right cycle – gentle or delicate cycles are ideal for most shoe materials. Finally, it’s time to add detergent and any other cleaning agents you plan on using; choose one that’s specially formulated for delicate fabrics and colors.

Now, we’re ready to start washing! Place your shoes in the washer, making sure not to overload it; two pairs at once is plenty. Then turn it on – this step is essential if you don’t want your laces coming undone! After the cycle has finished, remove your shoes from the washer and allow them to air dry thoroughly before wearing again. TIP: If possible, stuff your shoes with newspaper or a towel before throwing them in the washer – this will help maintain their shape as they dry after the cycle finishes!

Remove Shoes From Washing Machine

Ah, the satisfaction of a job well done. It’s time to take those freshly-washed shoes out of the washing machine and give them a good look-over. So without further ado, let’s get those spiffy shoes out and ready to wear!

First things first: open up the washer door and pull the shoes out carefully. Make sure all the items in the wash are taken out too, such as the laundry detergent or fabric softener that you may have put in there – you don’t want any surprises when it comes to your footwear! Once everything is safely out, give the shoes a once-over for any bits of lint or dirt that may have stuck around during the wash cycle.

After that, give your newly-cleaned shoes a shake off outside – no one wants to track any extra water inside! This will also help remove any excess soap from their surfaces. Then lay them on a towel and let them air dry for best results.

So there we have it: nice and clean kicks ready for wearin’! Now all that’s left is to check if they’re actually clean…

Check For Cleanliness

Now that the washing process is done, it’s time to check for cleanliness. The first thing you’ll want to do is examine your shoes and see if you can spot any remaining dirt or debris. If there’s anything left on the surface, it might be a good idea to rewash those areas with a brush or cloth.

Once you’ve verified that the outside of each shoe looks clean, you can move on to testing the inside. Make sure that all of the laces and linings are free from any grime or dust particles. If not, you should toss them back in the washer for another round of cleaning.

Finally, inspect your shoes one last time before moving on to drying them thoroughly – this is key! Check both inside and out for any lingering stains or spots that may have been missed during the washing process. Once everything looks good, your shoes will be ready to wear once again!

Dry Shoes Thoroughly

Wow! We have reached the final step – drying your shoes thoroughly! This is one of the most important steps in washing your shoes in a washing machine and it’s also one of the most time consuming. Let me take you through what needs to be done to ensure that your shoes are dry and ready for their next use.

First off, you’ll want to remove your shoes from the washing machine and shake out any excess water from them. From there, you’ll need to find a place with plenty of air circulation, and lay down some towels for the shoe to rest on. You can also add some newspaper underneath them if needed. The idea here is that you want as much air circulation as possible around the shoe so that it can dry quickly and effectively.

Once they’re all set up on their own little drying station, you should allow them to sit there overnight or until they are completely dry. If it’s a particularly humid day, then you may need to leave them out even longer than normal or plan an alternate drying technique such as using a blow dryer (on low heat) or sticking them in front of a fan. Whatever method works best for you is fine – just be sure that they get completely dried before putting them away!

No matter which method you choose, I always recommend checking your shoes periodically throughout the drying process to make sure that everything is going according to plan. That way when morning comes around, your shoes will be clean, dry and ready for another adventure!

Tips For Washing Different Types Of Shoes

“A stitch in time saves nine.” When it comes to washing shoes, the same adage applies. Taking the extra time and effort to properly clean your shoes can save you headaches down the line. With that in mind, let’s look at some tips for washing different types of shoes.

When dealing with canvas or mesh materials, be sure to use cold water. This will prevent any shrinking or fading of the colors. Additionally, when using a machine to clean these types of shoes, set it on a gentle cycle and use a mild detergent. For leather or suede shoes, opt for a hand wash using only lukewarm water and a mild soap solution. Once again, steer clear of harsh detergents as they can damage the material. Finally, for rubber or plastic footwear, hot water is okay as long as you take care not to scrub too hard.

No matter the type of shoe you’re trying to clean, it’s important to keep one eye on the future while cleaning them in the present. By treating your shoes with respect now, you can ensure they’ll still be around – and looking good – later on down the road. With that said, let’s look at some ways to treat stains on your shoes before they become permanent fixtures!

Treating Stains On Shoes

No matter how careful you are with your shoes, there’s always the chance that stains will hit. But don’t worry! If you’ve got a few unsightly marks on your kicks, we’ve got the know-how to help you get them looking as good as new. With just the right combination of elbow grease and a little bit of TLC, treating stains on shoes is a cinch!

Let’s start by saying that prevention is key. No matter if it’s rain or snow or mud, make sure your shoes are prepped for any weather condition and stains won’t have a chance to set in. But if you’re already dealing with some spots, there are still economical – and eco-friendly – solutions at hand.

To kick off the stain removal process, begin by giving your shoes a gentle brush with a soft bristled brush – this will help to loosen up any dirt or debris stuck in the fibers of the fabric. Next, mix up a solution of 1/4 cup cold water and 1/4 cup white vinegar in a spray bottle before lightly misting it over the stained areas. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes before using another soft-bristled brush to gently scrub away at any remaining residue. Finally, use a damp cloth to wipe away any excess liquid and voila – no more stains!

With these simple steps, you can get back on track towards having squeaky clean shoes again – no costly trips to the cleaners required! Plus, once your kicks are looking like new again, take some extra time to re-waterproof them so you can keep them protected for longer against future spills and messes.

Re-Waterproofing Shoes After Washing

As a savvy handyman, you know that washing your shoes in a washing machine is an effective way to get them looking and feeling like new. However, it’s equally important to re-waterproof them after the wash cycle is done. With a few simple steps, you can ensure that your shoes will be properly protected from water and dirt for the next adventure.

To start off, you’ll want to grab a waterproofing spray from your local hardware store or online retailer. It’s important to use one specifically designed for shoes, as regular waterproofing sprays may not provide enough protection. Once you have the right product, take your shoes outdoors and simply follow the instructions on the bottle. By spraying the exterior of your shoes with a generous amount of waterproofing spray and then letting them dry according to the manufacturer’s specifications, you’ll be able to restore their water-resistant properties in no time.

Though it may seem tedious at first glance, re-waterproofing your freshly washed shoes is an essential step in keeping them clean and looking good for longer periods of time. Plus, it doesn’t require much effort – just make sure that you have the right product on hand before beginning and give yourself plenty of time for them to dry completely. With this final step out of the way, you’ll be ready to take on whatever Mother Nature throws at you!

Alternatives To Washing Shoes In A Washing Machine

Once your shoes have gone through the wash, it’s time to consider some alternatives to washing shoes in a washing machine. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways you can keep your shoes and sneakers clean. Here’s a few:

• Hand-wash them: If they’re not too soiled, a good scrub with soap and warm water will do the trick. • Spot cleaning: Using stain removers and cleaning solutions designed specifically for fabric can help to get rid of tough stains on canvas or leather shoes. • Take them to the professionals: For special fabrics or materials like suede, taking your shoes to a professional cleaner is always a safe bet. These simple steps can help keep your kicks looking brand new without having to take the risk of running them through the washer. As an added bonus, most of these methods are far less labor-intensive than wrangling with your washing machine! With that said, if you still want to give it a go in the washer, it’s important to understand how best to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

It’s important to take care of your shoes. And with a few simple steps, washing them in a washing machine is a great way to do it. But sometimes, you may encounter some issues when trying to clean your shoes this way. Let’s look at how to troubleshoot these common issues.

If the water in the washer isn’t getting hot enough, you can check on the temperature settings of your washer and make sure it’s set for hot water. If that doesn’t work, you may need to contact a professional for help.

Another issue could be too much soap or detergent in the washer. This can cause your shoes to come out looking dingy and discolored after they’re washed. To prevent this from happening, use only a small amount of detergent and always follow the instructions on the package.

No matter what issue you run into while cleaning your shoes in the washing machine, don’t give up! With careful attention and maintenance, you can keep your shoes looking their best without having to break out the scrub brush and bucket of sudsy water.


Conclusion: At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to wash your shoes in a washing machine. If you do decide to go ahead with it, remember to gather all necessary supplies, remove any dirt from the shoes beforehand, and select the appropriate settings for washing. You may also need to treat stains on the shoes and re-waterproof them after washing.

If you don’t feel comfortable washing your shoes in a washing machine, there are plenty of alternatives available. You could spot clean dirty areas using a damp cloth and mild detergent or take them to a professional shoe cleaner. Whichever method you choose, make sure that your shoes look as good as new!

In conclusion, cleaning your shoes in a washing machine is an easy way to get rid of dirt and grime without any hassle. Just be sure that you take the necessary precautions before going ahead with it so that your shoes come out looking their best!

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